April 10, 2018 in News and Media

GREENZONE heads to Singapore

Having recently traveled to Singapore, GREENZONE Director and Founder Paul Commerford says overseas distribution rights for the GREENZONE product are definitely on the horizon. 'Singapore has a similar climate to... Read More
April 9, 2018 in News and Media


GREENZONE is definitely creating a buzz in the Australian building and pest control industry. This is what our installers have to say: Darrel from Peninsular Pest Control had a very... Read More
April 9, 2018 in News and Media

The three key categories of GREENZONE application

There are three main categories of GREENZONE® application across the residential, commercial and industrial building sectors, with joint applications and precast panel applications proving of definite value, according to Glenn…

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GREENZONE: Years in the making

Extensive research, development and multi-industry stakeholder experience underpins Australia’s most anticipated Termite & Insect Barrier – GREENZONE®. Integrating termite agent bifenthrin with a polyethylene foam, GREENZONE® is a termite barrier,... Read More
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The GREENZONE team is growing!

Quickly becoming the go-to pre-construction termite barrier for builders and pest controllers throughout Australia, GREENZONE® is pleased to introduce a new point of contact to the team - Business Development... Read More
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GREENZONE is CodeMark Certified!

It’s official, GREENZONE(R) is CodeMark certified! The CodeMark Australia Certification scheme is a voluntary third-party building product certification scheme that authorises the use of new and innovative products to facilitate…

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September 4, 2017 in News and Media, Pest Barrier

GREENZONE® on site vs. Liquid Chemicals on site

Pre-construction termite barriers come in a variety of shapes and forms, both chemical and physical, of which there are positives, negatives, narrow minded positions, and broad trains of thought. It…

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GREENZONE® behind the scenes

Most of the latest technology for termite control and repellent products are designed and manufactured in the USA where termite control is a US$5 billion industry. Other considerable markets include…

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GREENZONE, a new Australian product – Professional Pest Manager Magazine editorial

GREENZONE® – an innovative termite barrier Flexibility is the name of the game in pre-construction treatments. With a wide range of construction situations, products need to be flexible in application…

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… Pest Control Industries would benefit greatly from this product [GREENZONE®] as it would be quick and easy to install, and saving not only time but money and a definite plus not having liquid chemicals on site.

Agserv Pty LtdEris Hess, Managing Director (March 2016)

…we can see the potential to save resources, time and money currently spent of two separate product processes and trade.

Merkon ConstructionsPeter Mercoulia, Construction Manager (May 2016)

The process of combining termite protection and expansion joint foam and lagging into one product will save time and money and reduce the chances of termite protection being forgotten.

Guardian Pest ControlMegan Goldsworthy, Operations Manager (May 2016)

Improve the efficacy of a critical termite protection solution, by combining 2 products, thereby removing the ‘competition’ for space in construction detailing.

ProbuildAlexei Simm, Project Director (May 2016)