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GREENZONE® – an innovative termite barrier

Flexibility is the name of the game in pre-construction treatments. With a wide range of construction situations, products need to be flexible in application and with the challenges in project scheduling, installation timing needs to be flexible, fast and easy. The arrival of GREENZONE® on the market gives pest managers a new, dual purpose product that will save time and money, whilst still delivering long lasting termite protection.


GREENZONE® is a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint filler. Expansion joint foam is essential in any kind of concrete construction as it allows the slab to expand and contract without cracking and protects other building elements such as plumbing during the slab pour process. These joints are the precise areas that require protection from termite incursion.

The innovation behind GREENZONE® is the integration of a termite repellent – bifenthrin – with an expansion joint foam, which can be applied to a wide range of construction elements that require a termite management system.

During the manufacturing process of GREENZONE®, an extrusion process sees bifenthrin being combined with a closed cell, crossed-link polyethylene material. Once dried, it is very difficult for the bifenthrin to leach out or degrade. Green Zone Pty Ltd is currently testing the longevity of the GREENZONE® Termite and Insect Repellent Barrier and results indicate that the product has a lifespan of more than 50 years.

Industry response

Following its APVMA approval, GREENZONE® was launched at the Rapid Solutions Conference 2017 on the Gold Coast. Chairman Paul Commerford gave a presentation introducing the Australian-designed and registered termite and insect repellent barrier. The features and benefits were very well received amongst a specialist group of pest managers, together with personnel from the wider construction industry.

“Rapid Solutions was a really exciting event. The general feeling was that GREENZONE® is a very useable product for all types of jobs – big, small and across multiple industries. It’s going to grow businesses, save time, money and improve the Australian construction industry as we know it,” said Mr Commerford.

The innovative features and benefits of GREENZONE® have been quickly recognised by the wider Australian construction industry.

“The process of combining termite protection, expansion joint foam and lagging into one product will save time and money and reduce the chances of termite protection being forgotten,” said Megan Goldsworthy, operations manager at Guardian Pest Control in Victoria.

Easy, quick and flexible installation

GREENZONE® is one the easiest of products to apply, with no specialist tools needed for installation. Featuring self-adhesive backing, it can be cut to fit – simply peel off the protective backing paper to apply. The self-adhesive backing allows for the product to be wrapped easily around penetrations and applied in tighter, more angular spaces where traditionally it has been difficult to apply any kind of physical termite or insect barrier. The product will stick to most surfaces including concrete, brick, timber, concrete blocks (AAC), metal and PVC.

It can be used vertically, horizontally, cut into various shapes and sizes, and cut into any length required, meaning there is less waste and only one material being handled. This makes GREENZONE® a highly economical and efficient product. It comes in 25m rolls that are 10mm thick and 100mm wide, available in packs of two.

Eris Hess, managing director at Agserv Pty Ltd, was also quick to see the positive impact GREENZONE® could have. “Pest control industries would benefit greatly from this product [GREENZONE®] as it would be quick and easy to install, saving not only time but money. It is a definite plus not to have liquid chemicals on site.”

Mr Commerford agreed with this idea. “Looking to the future,” he said, “adopting a strategy of termite exclusion rather than treatment is beneficial because it reduces the use of chemicals in the environment by preventing termite infestation in the first instance.”

Smarter project scheduling

Project managers no longer need to engage separate trades people to install termite barriers and expansion jointing – the GREENZONE® product meets both the termite barrier requirement and management of expansion and contraction in concrete in one application. GREENZONE® is a simple in-and-out installation job for a single tradesperson, who applies the product prior to the concreter starting work. It is a flexible product that can be installed at many stages during construction.

Peter Mercoulia, construction manager at Merkon Constructions, was quick to identify these benefits. “We can see the potential to save resources, time and money, which is currently being spent on two separate product processes and trades.”

A new type of insect barrier

“The results of GREENZONE® acting as a repellent barrier against ants and cockroaches are also really excellent, especially when the barrier is applied on doors and windows in residential homes and high-rise buildings. It is a definite move in the right direction in terms of reducing emissions caused by regular spraying,” said Mr Commerford.

“We’re expecting pest managers to find many new ways to utilise GREENZONE® as a preventative tool in general pest management to exclude pests from certain areas.”

Three functions, one product

The combination of two products into one not only provides efficiencies but reduces the chance of errors or gaps in a termite protection system. Alexei Simm, project director at ProBuild, commented, “GREENZONE® improves the efficacy of a critical termite protection solution by combining two products, thereby removing the ‘competition’ for space in construction detailing.”

The GREENZONE® $2m warranty

For complete peace of mind, Green Zone Pty Ltd offers the very highest level of termite and pest protection on paper, as well as in the ground. A $2m warranty applies to the installation and functionality of GREENZONE® when applied by an accredited GREENZONE®  installer – full terms and conditions available on the GREENZONE®  website.


Licensed pest managers can complete online accreditation training by registering on the GREENZONE® website. Training is completed online via a series of modules that cover safety and handling, uses and applications, site evaluation and preparation, and installation. The online test can be taken as many times as is required, and once completed, installers receive their GREENZONE® accreditation certificates. They can then purchase the product – available through Globe and Agserv ­– and book installation jobs.

What’s next for GREENZONE® ?

Next on the cards is CodeMark certification, which is a voluntary building product certification schedule that supports the use of new, innovative products. The ultimate aim is to make GREENZONE® available in overseas markets.

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