Termite Sealant

GREENZONE® Termite Sealant can be can be used in expansion joints, gaps and cracks in buildings and other structures, to stop and repel termites from entering.

Greenzone Sealant
Australian owned product

Additional Product Information

How It Works

GREENZONE® Termite Sealant is applied via a caulking gun, and can be used in expansion joints, gaps and cracks in order to stop termites from breaching via those areas.

Product Benefits

GREENZONE® Termite Sealant is effective at filling and protecting tricky gaps, such as expansion joints. This product pairs exceptionally well with GREENZONE® Termite Paint and Primer and can ensure a more complete and robust defence against termites.

Available Sizes

Available in these sizes:

  • 330ml cartridge

Australian Standards

AS 3660.1,2014 as a Chemical Barrier.


GREENZONE® products come with a Two-Million-Dollar Warranty. For the full terms and conditions of this warranty, please see the warranty information on our product information page.