Backer Rod

GREENZONE® Backer Rods are an integral component of sealant joints and provide three main functions that allow the sealant joint to perform and stop the ingress of pests – in particular ants cockroaches
and termites.

Greenzone Backer Rod
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How It Works

GREENZONE® Backer Rods are ideal as a vertical and horizontal joint filler in concrete, masonry substrates between precast concrete panels, interior walls, sealing skylights, shop fronts and curtain wall construction, it can also be used in areas such as, dust sealing, sealing electrical control boxes, truck and trailer construction. The chemically treated Greenzone Backer Rod will stop the ingress of ants, cockroaches & termites into any structure where it is installed.

Product Benefits

The backer rod acts as a bond breaker, preventing what is commonly referred to as ‘three sided adhesion’. This is when the sealant is adhered to the bottom and both sides of the joint. In this configuration the sealant cannot move nearly as well as when it is only bonded to the sides of the joint.

The backer rod supports tooling so after installation of material the sealant can be pushed to the bond line with a spatula, ensuring wet-out of the sealant to the substrate.

The backer rod promotes an hour glass shape. This maximizes the bond area but keeps the depth of sealant consistent in the middle allowing for movement.

Available Sizes

Available in packs of:

  • 1 x 50m roll (20mm thick x wide)

Australian Standards

Australian Standards 3660.1,2014

Termite Management

Part 1: New building work

Greenzone Termite System in the above Standard is classified as: –


Throughout the Standard there are many references to inspection zones including the 75mm inspection. Greenzone Termite System inspection zones can be modified in certain installation.



GREENZONE® products come with a Two-Million-Dollar Warranty. For the full terms and conditions of this warranty, please see the warranty information on our product information page.