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Pre-construction termite barriers come in a variety of shapes and forms, both chemical and physical, of which there are positives, negatives, narrow minded positions, and broad trains of thought.

It can be said though, that one of the most beneficial reasons to use GREENZONE® on a construction site is that it is an actual physical material and not a liquid chemical.

Many industrial, agricultural, and medical organisations use hazardous substances at their place of work and common substances on site can include:

  • Acids
  • Disinfectants
  • Glues
  • Heavy metals, including mercury, lead and aluminium
  • Paint
  • Pesticides, termiticides and insecticides
  • Petroleum products

But the very nature of having liquid chemicals on a building site can make things just a little more complicated than they need to be, if they don’t have to be.

Hazardous substances can take many forms including gas, powder, liquid or solid. They can be inhaled, splashed onto the skin or eyes, or accidentally swallowed. The effect of this on your health depends very much on the substance and the level of exposure, but can include –

  • Poisoning
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Skin rashes
  • Burns
  • Pregnancy issues or birth defects

By law, if you are handling chemicals on site you are required to provide warning labels and Safety Data Sheets together with the products. There must be details of risk assessments, results of air and environmental tests, details of health monitoring of employees and a developed Code of Practice for Hazardous Substances.

Liquid chemicals need to be accounted for at all times, stored separately and packed up meticulously at the end of the day. Employees need to be trained in vigilant handling and safety procedures and workplaces need to provide personal protection equipment such as respirators, gloves and goggles.

Lots of paperwork, lots of worry.

Which can all be avoided by using GREENZONE®.

GREENZONE® is a polyethylene expansion gap flexible foam which contains evenly distributed bifenthrin to act as a barrier to termites, black ant and cockroaches. Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide and termiticide and is the longest residual termiticide currently registered on the market.

The manufacture of the GREENZONE® product uses an extrusion process. The process combines bifenthrin with a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene material. As a result of the extrusion process, once the GREENZONE® product has dried it is very difficult for the bifenthrin to leach out or degrade.

In summary – one bright green, very safe, non-toxic, non-hazardous Termite & Insect repellent barrier. As simple as that!

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