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Extensive research, development and multi-industry stakeholder experience underpins Australia’s most anticipated Termite & Insect Barrier – GREENZONE®.

Integrating termite agent bifenthrin with a polyethylene foam, GREENZONE® is a termite barrier, an insect barrier and an expansion joint filler in one single product, the first of its kind available on the Australian market.

The past 8 years has seen GREENZONE®  meticulously tried and tested throughout Australia, to ensure the delivery of a pest control product that is highly effective, safe and reliable.

Because there was no other product on the market like GREEENZONE®, when it came to developing and obtaining government approval for a new Australian termite barrier and insect repellent product, founder Paul Commerford had to start at the very beginning.

‘It really has been a long journey, but from the word go we believed in the product and what it would offer the Australian construction industry,’ Paul said.

The first port of call was small -batch preliminary assessment testing held in Griffith, NSW followed by ongoing field trials completed by Dr Theo Evans in Darwin, at great expense, ongoing and over many years.

Other notable testing included a range of performance testing by Eurofins Agroscience Testing (NSW) and Lifetime assessment testing (physical strength and active ingredient retention) with ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services (VIC).

In August 2016, Green Zone Pty Ltd was awarded a government grant under the Federal Governments Accelerating Commercialisation, Entrepreneurs’ Program, which was established to recognise original products and assist in their launch to domestic and international markets.

Since then, GREENZONE®  has been successful in obtaining APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) registration and more recently has achieved CodeMark Australia Certificate of Conformity. CodeMark certification is accepted throughout Australia as evidence of compliance with the Building Code of Australia as long as the product is used as specified on the certificate. APVMA information and CodeMark certification data, together with Safety Data Sheets are available to download on the GREENZONE®  website.


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