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The core innovation of the GREENZONE® product is the safe integration of Bifenthrin with a polyethylene expansion foam resulting in a single product that repels both insects and termites.

GREENZONE® is a polyethylene expansion gap flexible foam containing bifenthrin to act as a barrier to termites, black ant and cockroaches. Bifenthrin is a pyrethroid insecticide and termiticide, a 4th generation pyrethroid, which is virtually insoluble in water and the longest residual termiticide currently registered on the market. Bifenthrin is a product used worldwide and is common in pesticides and termiticides – safety data is readily available.

The manufacture of the GREENZONE® product uses an extrusion process which combines bifenthrin with a closed cell crossed link polyethylene material. In adopting this innovative process, once the GREENZONE® product has dried it is impossible for the Bifenthrin to leach out or degrade.

Further, in most building and construction applications, GREENZONE® requires only a one-step installation process; compared to a two-step (in some cases multi-step) process in practice today. Resulting in significant cost saving achieved through the reduction of; on-site resources, material used to complete the work and scheduling constraints.

Pictured is the GREENZONE® product.


FB Rice, Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys were engaged in 2008 to commence the patent registration process for GREENZONE®.

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To date, patents are registered in Australia, China, Europe, USA & Singapore.


To date, the GREENZONE® trademark is registered in Australia and Singapore with trademark pending in the USA.