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Most of the latest technology for termite control and repellent products are designed and manufactured in the USA where termite control is a US$5 billion industry.

Other considerable markets include Australia, Japan, South East Asia, China and the south of France.

In Australia, severe termite damage to homes is increasing and termites are known to have the capacity to destroy the wall and roofing timbers of a home within 3 months of construction.

If they aren’t adequately protected.

GREENZONE® is an Australian designed termite & insect barrier repellent product, the brainchild of Paul Commerford who holds trade qualifications in building and pest control and extensive experience in small business startups together with product research and development.

From a small office in Moorabbin, the idea of combining a foam expansion joint with insecticide bifenthrin was formed and the company Green Zone Pty Ltd set up to develop and deliver the GREENZONE® technology to Australian and International building and construction markets.

10 years in the making, GREENZONE® is a single product that repels both insects and termites.

The product has been extensively researched and tested over the last 8 years and of particular note are the following  –

  • Three-year and one-year field trials completed in Darwin and Griffith to evaluate GREENZONE® as a barrier against subterranean termites.
  • Further efficacy testing against black ant and cockroaches undertaken by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
  • A range of performance testing undertaken by Eurofins Agroscience Testing (NSW)
  • Lifetime assessment testing (physical strength and active ingredient retention) in progress with ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services (VIC).

In August 2016 Green Zone Pty Ltd was awarded a government grant under the Federal Government’s Accellerating Commercialisation, Entrepreuneurs’ Programme which is in place to recognize original products and assist In their launch to domestic and international markets.

GREENZONE® is also in the final stages of CodeMark certification. The CodeMark Scheme is a voluntary building product certification scheme for Australia and New Zealand that supports the  use of new or innovative products. CodeMark certification for a product means a guaranteed acceptance by the regulatory bodies and is a clear demonstration that the product meets its mandatory compliance requirements.

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