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GREENZONE is definitely creating a buzz in the Australian building and pest control industry.

This is what our installers have to say:

Darrel from Peninsular Pest Control had a very positive experience using GREENZONE on a Besser block infill slab construction:

‘I found GREENZONE very simple to install with the sticky back. I used the product on a Besser block infill slab construction and the concreter was happy with the barrier installation because it was so versatile.’

‘I will definitely be using and recommending GREENZONE in the future. Thanks for a terrific new product.’

Glenn O’Sullivan from BG Pest Control agreed with Darrel’s experience.

‘Greenzone was absolutely brilliant around concrete tilt ups/concrete panels. It took less than half the time of the physical barrier we normally use and I couldn’t believe how well the product stuck to the panel.’

‘As well as being a great time saver, we also saved on glue and shooting nails which was a huge bonus.’

Have you had a good experience with GREENZONE? We’d love to hear from you. Email with thoughts/comments/feedback on the product.

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