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Having recently traveled to Singapore, GREENZONE Director and Founder Paul Commerford says overseas distribution rights for the GREENZONE product are definitely on the horizon.

‘Singapore has a similar climate to the tropical parts of Australia – warm and humid with regular rainfall throughout the year – perfect conditions for termite activity.’

There are over 200 different species of termites found in Singapore with the most common being the Coptotermes species and just like in Australia, the best way to get ahead of these destructive pests is by taking preventative measures via termite barrier installation on new builds and renovations.

The innovation of GREENZONE is a one step process where the termite barrier itself acts as an expansion joint or control joint. It works the other way too – the expansion joint foam can be applied to all elements of construction that require a termite barrier in order to comply with relevant Building Codes.

This reduces the two step (sometimes multi-step) process required to install termite barriers around pipe penetrations and in control/expansion joints to just one step requiring only one trade.

When can GREENZONE be installed?

In a first for the building and pest control industry, GREENZONE can be installed at more than one stage within the construction project schedule:

  1. BEFORE the formwork is installed, when the pipe penetrations are in the ground


  1. AFTER the steel and formwork are installed, before the concrete is poured.

This means that unlike other pre-construction termite barrier systems, the GREENZONE system has flexibility …  no more waiting around for the pest guy!

Further benefits of GREENZONE

  • GREENZONE is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use
  • GREENZONE protects against termite entry around service penetrations and in control joints in concrete slabs for 50 years*
  • GREENZONE is a self-adhesive product which means that in most building and construction applications the process requires only one step installation and no specialist tools.
  • When using GREENZONE there is no need to remove (cut off) caps on plumbing pipes. There are also no clips, clamps, ties or concrete nails required to attach the product to penetrations.

The GREENZONE technology is patented in Australia, Singapore, China, US and in Europe – stay tuned for future developments!

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