Innovative termite and insect management systems

Green Zone Pty Ltd is a privately-owned Australian company supplying innovative termite and insect management systems for the Australian pest control market.


GREENZONE® Expansion Foam

GREENZONE® Expansion Foam is a termite system that acts as a 2-in-1 product: (1) the product acts as an expansion joint foam and (2) the product also acts as a termite barrier.


GREENZONE® Sock Barrier

The GREENZONE® Sock is the only collar on the market that protects the service penetrations from concrete expansion.


GREENZONE® Perimeter System

GREENZONE® Termite Perimeter System is a physical termite risk management measure that is flexible in nature and is classed as a chemical barrier in a non-soil matrix.


GREENZONE® Termite Paint

GREENZONE® Termite Paint is a unique and innovative product that provides a long-lasting protective barrier against termites and other pests.



GREENZONE® Backer Rods are an integral component of sealant joints and provide three main functions that allow the sealant joint to perform and stop the ingress of pests.