Pre-construction termite treatments – the options

Why are termite barriers so important?

Termites and white ants are very active in all mainland areas of Australia and in fact, almost 34,000 homes come under attack by termites each year. Termite infestation causes more damage to homes than natural disaster – flood, fire or wind – and what’s even scarier is that unlike natural disaster, termite damage isn’t covered by home and contents insurance.

If you are building a new home or planning a renovation or extension, then prior to construction starting is your one and only opportunity to have the very best termite protection installed in your new home.

In some parts of Australia and particularly in Melbourne, declared termite zones means that in accordance to building regulations and standards, a termite barrier system is mandatory in all new builds, renovations and extensions.

Protect your biggest asset!

A pre-construction termite protection system is also a huge selling point for new homes.

The purpose of a termite management system is to deter hidden termite entry and reduce the risk of termite attack.

Common methods and techniques include –

  • Physical barriers built into the new home –
    • Termimesh, as an example, is a physical barrier product, installed around service penetrations prior to slab pour and through the perimeter cavity walls at slab level which doesn’t rely on any chemical treatment.
  • Chemical soil treatments –
    • Usually sprayed and mostly used in Western parts of Australia this method involves the hand application of a termiticide to the soil under the slab, garage floor and around the outside walls of a property. This treatment is best coupled with a physical barrier around penetrations.

The GREENZONE® difference

Newly launched to the Australian market, GREENZONE® is a termite and insect repellent barrier that unlike existing physical termite barriers actually integrates a termite barrier agent with an expansion joint foam.

This means that the GREENZONE® product simplifies the installation of a physical barrier around penetrations, in concrete slabs and where concrete control (expansion) joints are located. It integrates Bifenthrin with a polyethylene expansion foam resulting in a single product that repels both insects and termites, as well as protecting joints by allowing them to expand and contract without cracking. These joints are the precise areas that require protection from termite incursion.

 Flexibility is a game changer

In construction situations, products need to be flexible in application and installation needs to be flexible, fast and easy. The arrival of GREENZONE® on the market gives both pest managers and construction managers a multi purpose product that will save time and money, whist delivering long lasting termite and insect repellency.

How to get involved?

If you are a licenced pest controller and you interested in becoming an accredited GREENZONE® installer go to  and get in touch with the team.

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