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Would you pass the New Construction Inspections test?

Slab Stage New Construction Inspection

The correct installation and application of Greenzone® termite and insect barrier prior to the pouring of the concrete slab of your new home is just one of the checks a Building Inspector will make.

If you are building a new home or maybe undertaking a renovation and extension you may be using Greenzone to protect your biggest investment from Termites.  Did you know that the preparation of the slab, prior to a concrete pour occurring and just after it occurs, is a critical step to ensure the foundation for your new home has been correctly laid.

Whilst a Registered / Licensed Building Surveyor will ultimately be checking and signing off to assure you that the Building Code of Australia (National Construction Code) has been complied with.  There are many things that can go wrong, even in the initial stage of preparing and pouring your slab.

Our Greenzone technicians and installer network are trained and accredited to help ensure that installation of Greenzone is compliant but that is just one small (but important) element of your project.

New Construction Handover Inspection

The Most Common New Construction Inspection Mistake

The most common mistake we see people who have engaged a builder to construct their new home or property investment project is that they will leave it all up to the Private Building Surveyor or Licensed Building Inspector or even their Local Council to ensure compliance.   Ultimately they will be checking compliance to the Building Code and state based Regulations but there any number of problems that can still occur.

  1. Progressive building works can hide defects
  2. The relationship between private certifiers or surveyors and their builder clients (who often refer work to them) is too close
  3. The client only gets a final independent handover inspection rather than inspections at all stages from slab onwards
  4. Relying on the certifier to resolve complaints regarding workmanship and inclusions
New Construction INspections

Building Inspections at all stages will help

One of the main issues we see occurring is that whilst a building may still meet the minimum mandatory requirements for a Certificate of Occupancy to be issued the property / project owner and builder can often end up in an argument over the standard of workmanship, inclusions, what’s in / out of the contract scope and more.  Issues will also often build up over the course of a new construction project or even a smaller renovation / extension project and then blow up at the time for final payment.

Regular staged new construction inspections should be conducted at least at the following four intervals, not only will they help you catch any problems early, regular new construction inspections by companies like Jim’s Building Inspections will ensure that the errors in workmanship covered by The Guide to Standards and Tolerances are highlighted early before fixing them becomes an extensive, costly and lengthy hassle.

In this manner we are also able to divert and resolve issues that would end up in each states Civil Administrative Tribunals.

Consider having stage inspections at least at:



Lock Up



You will also always need the final sign off, affected by the issuance of a Certificate of Occupation by each state’s building regulator.  Companies like Jim’s Building Inspections don’t do what these guys do, but we do help ensure the minor but often supremely irritating and potentially costly and complex errors that can occur are picked up and addressed as early as possible.

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