GREENZONE® – multiple functions, multiple benefits

GREENZONE® has a huge list of features and benefits to offer both the construction and pest industries.

In this article we talk specifically about two of the key benefits of this product being:

  1. The installation method – flexible and fast
  2. The allowance of smarter project scheduling and more efficient resourcing

The installation method

GREENZONE® is one of the easiest products to apply on the market, with no specialist tools needed for installation. In fact, the only tools required are –

  1. Stanley knife or scissors
  2. Ruler
  3. Permanent marker

GREENZONE® features a self-adhesive backing which can be cut to fit – simply peel off the protective backing paper to apply the product. The self-adhesive backing allows for the product to be wrapped easily around penetrations and applied in tighter, more angular spaces where traditionally it has been difficult to apply any kind of physical termite or insect barrier and builders have relied more on hand applied chemical sprays.

The adhesive backing of the GREENZONE® product will stick to most surfaces including concrete, brick, timber, concrete blocks (AAC), metal and PVC. It can be installed in a single step.

GREENZONE® is available to purchase in packs of two which are 25m long, 10mm thick and 100mm wide.

It can be cut into all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as to any length, which means there is really very little waste and only one material ever being handled.

Smarter project scheduling

The scheduling of work activities on a construction site is fundamental to a critical path being managed and a project being executed on time and on budget.

In normal application of a termite barrier, a construction manager or project manager would need to make allowance in the schedule for both a pest controller to install a termite management system, as well as a tradesperson to install expansion joints to protect the concrete jointing.

By combining the termiticide Bifenthrin with an expansion joint foam, GREENZONE® effectively reduces two work activities requiring two separates tradespeople on a construction site down to just one. And the best bit – the product can be applied prior to the concreter starting work so that there is no having to wait for anything to dry or coming back later in the project to finish off the job. It’s a simple in and out for an accredited GREENZONE® installer.

GREENZONE® can be applied at many stages during construction – it is a very versatile product.

Interested in GREENZONE®?

If you are interested in becoming an accredited GREENZONE® installer, or interested in engaging an accredited installer to install GREENZONE® in your construction project or development see for details.

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