APVMA approval explained

In Australia, all agricultural and veterinary chemical products sold are required to be registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority – APVMA.

The APVMA acts as the Australian Government regulator of agricultural and veterinary  (Agvet) chemical products.

The registration process involves scientifically evaluating the safety and effectiveness of a product in order to protect the health and safety of people, animals, plants and the environment.

The APVMA regulates Agvet products up to – and including – the point of retail sale. Once approved by the APVMA, a product can be sold for the sole purposes and uses as stated on the product’s label.

GREENZONE® holds APVMA approval

GREENZONE® Termite and Insect Barrier received APVMA approval in July 2017 which meant, after 10 years of research and development, the product was able to be sold in Australia.

GREENZONE® Termite & Insect Barrier combines the insecticide Bifenthrin with a polyethylene expansion joint foam to form a multi purpose product with the following three uses:

  1. Termite Barrier
  2. Insect Barrier
  3. Expansion joint filler

The manufacture of the GREENZONE® product uses as extrusion process which combined bifenthrin with a closed cell, cross link polyethylene material. As a result of the extrusion process, once the GREENZONE® product has dried, it is very difficult for the bifenthrin to leach out or degrade.

Green Zone Pty Ltd is currently testing the longevity of the GREEENZONE® Termite & Insect Barrier and results indicate that the product has over a 50 year lifespan.

Bifenthrin – a well known inseciticde

Bifenthrin is an insecticide in the pyrethroid family. Pyrethroids are man made versions of pyrethrins which come from chrysanthemum flowers.

In Australia, bifenthrin is primarily used as an agricultural insecticide used to control borers and termites in timber, insect pests in agricultural crops (bananas, apples, pears, ornamentals) and turf, as well as for general pest control (spiders, ants, fleas, flies, mosquitoes).

Bifenthrin is virtually insoluble in water (with a solubility of only 0.1 mg/l) and it is the longest residual termiticide currently registered on the market.

Bifenthrin comes in many forms and products include sprays, granules and aerosols.

The GREENZONE® difference

In most building and construction applications, GREENZONE® requires only a one-step installation process, compared to a two-step (in some cases multi-step) process in practice today.

This means significant cost savings are achieved through the reduction of on-site resources, materials and far more efficient project scheduling.

To learn more about this innovative product see GREENZONEBARRIER.COM

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